What Causes Dermatitis in Cats?

what causes dermatitis in cats

There are so many different causes of dermatitis in cats. As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to know what exactly can cause feline dermatitis so that you can take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening to your cat. I once noticed that my cat was constantly kicking at her ears whenever she …

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How Often Do Cats Poop?

How Often Do Cats Poop

If you love cats, you’ll eventually have to deal with cat poop. While this isn’t a topic most cat parents like to talk about, it’s an important one that should be addressed. A cat’s bathroom habits are sometimes the first or only indication you’ll have that something is wrong. So, pay attention to that litter …

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What Human Foods Can Cats Eat?

What Human foods can cats eat

Many cat parents give their cats a treat as a sign of affection. Some of the treats come from our (the human’s) plate. Sometimes that can end in tragedy, leading some people to shame cat parents who feed their kitties people food. Luckily, there are many human foods that are “safe” for cats to eat. …

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Can Cats Catch Colds?

can cats catch colds

When the cold and flu season approaches, I wondered if my cats are at risk for catching “colds” too. While the common cold seems like something that’s inevitable, for small animals, like cats, the effects of any illness could put them at significant risk. That’s because domestic cats depend on their owners for care and …

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