Cat Care

What Is Mange In Cats?

Mange In Cats

When I was deployed to Cyprus in the early 2000’s, our dorms were surrounded by feral cats.  Only once was I concerned about a cat that looked “scary”. I went back to my station to do some research into what I saw on this cat and find out what these signs and symptoms were. So, …

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Coconut Oil For Cats

is coconut oil safe for cats

Coconut oil is such a debatable and confusing issue for most cat owners. I’ve read through many articles with varying opinions, studies, and experiences.  I’d like to share what I researched and hopefully help you wrap your head around this to make a more informed decision to use, or not use, coconut oil for your …

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Are Essential Oils Safe for Cats?

are essential oils safe for cats

Cats are very sensitive creatures and, in essence, the answer is yes and no. In fact, they are actually missing an important enzyme (glucuronyl transferase) that works in the liver to help break down and metabolize essential oils. Because of this reason, many essential oils, especially if they are fully concentrated, can be very toxic …

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