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How To Keep A Cat Warm Outside.

how to keep a cat warm outside

Winter is coming here in Missouri (not as bad as Massachusetts!), and I’ve been wondering how I can keep my fostered stray cat warm outside.  Cold weather can be dangerous for felines, so I’ve been checking into all the ways I can keep my outside cat warm this winter. There are a few things you …

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Is Milk Bad For Cats?

is milk bad for cats

Since all 4 of my cats love drinking milk, I started wondering if this cat and milk incompatibility was a reality or just a myth.  And I decided to do some background research to find out the truth about all types of milk and cats. So here’s the scoop: Is milk bad for cats to …

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Can Cats Cry Tears?

can cats cry tears opt

When it comes to watery or teary eyes, the reasoning is very rarely emotional for your cat.  I’ve seen my cats have “tears” maybe twice in their lives.  I did some research to see if there was a reason behind it. So, can cats cry tears?  A cat’s eyes might get teary or watery in …

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What Is Mange In Cats?

Mange In Cats

When I was deployed to Cyprus in the early 2000’s, our dorms were surrounded by feral cats.  Only once was I concerned about a cat that looked “scary”. I went back to my station to do some research into what I saw on this cat and find out what these signs and symptoms were. So, …

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