The Cats AKA The Bosses

Meet The Editorial Team:

… and the bosses of our homes.

These are the guys and gals that are responsible for some of the writing on this blog, where the hopes to launch their superstar writing career reviewing things like catnip, cat toys, and proteins in different flavors.

Bubs close up on cat tree

Bubs (Angel In Heaven)
Aug 2005 – Dec 15, 2018, @ 2:00pm 13 years of love

He was the Man Of The House. He was a lover, not a fighter and always kept the peace. Well, that’s what my humans always said. They also called me “Mankuns”. I live as a spirit now watching over my family, loving and guiding them until we can snuggle together again. 


Foo Foo eyeballing a squirrel and sitting on window sill

Foo-Foo (Art Director)
Age: 13

They call me Foo Foo because I’m a drama queen… Really I’m just in touch with my feminine side and prefer to be groomed.
I also have a sassy side where I love to pick on my sister Tanta. (when she deserves it of course) Plus I’m the reason my humans hang the trash on the wall.


Tanta Kringle With Diva Beauty Mark Close Up On Face

Tanta (Associate Editor) 
Age: 12

I go by many names but I’m the Queen of the house and where I walk, no one gets in my way.
I’m branded as a Diva by my beauty mark on my nose. Don’t let my sassy exterior fool you though, I LOVE to LOVE and snuggle. (unless you cross me)


Coo Coos Lounging While I Give Head Love Rubs

Coo-Coo’s (Staff Motivator)
Age: 11

My humans saved me from the side of the highway covered in oil. I love talking and for my house to be quiet.
I normally let my humans know by “cack’ing” at them if they start to annoy me.


Tessa (Senior Executive) Cat Veteran Bio

Tessa (Senior Executive)
Age: “too old for this”

My human rescued me from a shelter. Before that, I lived in a snow bank until some other humans found me. Don’t tell my human…but I secretly love to play and cuddle. I even like my sister Lucy – but she and the humans must never know it.


Lucy (Junior Researcher) Cat Veteran Bio

Lucy (Junior Researcher)
Age: 3

My humans would be lost without me, I am sure of this. So, I bring them lots of food gifts from The Outside. I have fun finding things, but I also do it for my humans… I’m sure they would perish without my generosity. And I guess I love them. I like to flaunt my pouncing and running skills to my sister, Tessa, too – but she doesn’t seem to care.


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