From The Humans: The Cats Let Us Live Here.

“It’s the cat’s house, I just pay the rent.”

Well, its a jungle in here and we’re here to take a walk on the wild side of indoor cats!


Here’s The Scoop:

Cat Veteran is a resource run by me, Toki Tover and team of awesome, not so serious, writers with various backgrounds but with one thing in common, we all love our cat bosses!

Us veterans believe we can help you become a better pet parent (or servant, owner, or chief of staff – whatever you want to call yourself).

We are a complete work in progress even though we have 10 + years in raising our fur babes. Please share your feedback!

We also like to cover cat lifestyle stories too!

One of the things we try to do here between the cute/entertaining photos, opinion posts, lifestyle environments, behavior, cat health care tips and cat news is gather/create/curate and provide our peeps with solid expert advice from across the cat-a-sphere.

We know our cat lovers encompass everyone from beginners to seasoned pet pros, and our mission is to have information of interest to both the enthusiast and the novice.

Let’s introduce the humans:


Jaimee Bio Cat Veteran
Human to Tessa & Lucy.

I’ve always loved animals but cats are my home, quite literally.

Living in small farm towns around Canada for all of my life, it was quite a brand new world when I happened to fall for a guy from Europe in my early 20s.

Long, long story short…

I’m now a small town Canadian living in Europe with her Canadian rescue cat, a young and wild Belgian kitty cat we adopted along the way, my Belgian and our toddler.

I’d lived abroad for nearly a year before being able to bring my Canadian cat to come to live with us… and it never really felt like home until she arrived.

Driving her home from the airport, I knew this was the start of our new life.

A few years, a baby, and house later… this is still our home and our cats are a big part of our family. (So much so, in fact, that my son’s first word was “Tessa”!!)

Thanks for spending time on Cat Veteran’s site!

I hope we can talk more about our love for our feline friends, tips for taking care of our pets and laughing about ways our cats boss us around…

Because it’s a cat’s world, and we’re just writing about it.