Catastrophic Creations: My Crazy Cat Shelving Wall Decor For My 4 Cats To Explore

I’ve been at this for over a year.

Deciding, then saving and more saving.

We’ve been deciding on what type of cat shelving to put on our walls for a while now.

Our cats deserve it.

Yes, there are cheaper solutions that would’ve been ok to do but this cat furniture is so nice and well built… choosing this company for our cat shelving cut our thought process in half.

All we had to do was design it and start measuring!

Let me first say, please use the right tools and protection.

You didn’t see it in the video below but the first drill/drill bit I was using was weak, ending up breaking and hitting my face. (Also note, I wasn’t wearing eye protection either. Rookie Mistake) 

tools needed for installing cat shelving for catastrophic creations

So, have the right tools and wear protection. (says me who didn’t)

For this cat shelving, you’ll need to install into studs. I wouldn’t chance just solely using drywall with cats who like to snuggle together.

You can use 50 lb rated drywall anchors but always install one screw into a stud.

I know for this particular set-up I have with CC (catastrophic creations), they require a 16 inch or 24-inch stud placement.

See CC mounting instructions here.

You’ll buy your shelving according to those placements. This means that your wall studs are either 16 inches apart or 24 inches apart.

Here is my tool list:

Ok, so I added the video below for you to enjoy and hopefully inspire you to build something cool for your own cats:


Just to commentate the video, because I know it was sped up when installing, I’ll try to answer any questions in the comments below.

You saw the packaging the wood shelving came in. This was packed nicely (no damage), everything was together, labeled with tools and instructions.

It was a matter of separating everything and putting them in their own piles for organizing.

I literally drew on my walls where the shelving would go before I did anything. 

This was a week’s worth of measuring and re-measuring and then again. It made it so easy when came time to start drilling.

Don’t forget to erase all your marks!

Then time to install.

I gathered my first project for the Cat Mod Temple (this is made for the 16 inch stud separation).

foo foo sleeping on the cat mod temple


The instructions for this were very detailed and step by step.

cat mod temple instructions

You really can’t be afraid of tools or getting your hands dirty to install these. It wasn’t hard at all, the measuring was the hard part.

Installing was the fun part. Aside from my little ones running around, this took me a few days to complete. 

I noticed the video said that it was going to be continued but it was out of order. I already finished the end area.

finished cat shelving wall

I actually bought more than I needed. My cats weren’t too fond of the sisal posts.

As you can see above, there’s only one. I have 5 left over.

Let me know in the comments if any of you want to purchase them from me! Make me an offer. I think they’re like 45 from the site.

Also, during installation, my drill slipped from the screw and a nice hole was made. That was me being tired. 

Take your time and rest when needed. 

I had a spot where I wanted a bridge to be. So, I took a picture of the kitchen through way with dimensions and CC made a custom bridge for me.

foo foo on the custom cat bridge


In the picture above you can see the custom bridge, the Deluxe Playplace, and the interior corner shelf. (they will do the exterior corner shelf too just need to add a note.)

Overall, I think this set-up came out ok and made the living room pop. I would love to do more, adding tunnels, maybe a catio and walkways from room to room.

Or even one of those cat wheels!

Below are some more images from the journey of installing this cat shelving:

installation for cat shelving

deluxe playplace

Let me know what you think in the comments below or if you have any ideas for something new I could add to my indoor cat play house!

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