Coconut Oil For Cats

is coconut oil safe for cats

Coconut oil is such a debatable and confusing issue for most cat owners. I’ve read through many articles with varying opinions, studies, and experiences.  I’d like to share what I researched and hopefully help you wrap your head around this to make a more informed decision to use, or not use, coconut oil for your …

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Do Cats Eat Mice?

I found an upright mouse under my table once that was still alive but didn’t move when I came close to it.  Odd. I didn’t see any blood, the mouse was just still. I’m sure my cats had something to do with this but it made me wonder and research why they hunted and played …

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Can Cats Eat Grass?

can cats eat cat grass

I have indoor only cats and the first thing they do when escaping the house is head for the grass. With all the things outside that can hurt our cats, could grass be one of them? I did some research into this to see if it’s ok that cats or kittens be eating any type …

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