Danger Lurks At Every Corner: Enter The Portable Cat Enclosures For Outdoors.

Does your cat constantly peer through a window, dreaming of life in the outside world?

Do you ever wish you could safely take your cat away for the weekend with you?

Or maybe even on a road trip in your RV?

You either can go with the Outback jack kitty compound line for portability or the Kittywalk Systems Line for more stable and connectable structures.

Portable Cat Enclosures For Outdoors

I think every cat wants to be outside, they are natural explorers. (check out the average lifespan of an indoor cat vs outdoor)

With that being said, there are a plethora of ways to get your cat outside while still being safe.

We’ve all seen the latest craze of…

  • Catios with cute cat tents and other outdoorsy things
  • A window box outside your home
  • Outdoor cat enclosures connected/not connected to the house.

But what happens when you want something a bit more portable, an outdoor enclosure which allows kitty to fantasize or plot about secret travels?

So what’s the answer?

Portable cat enclosures for outdoors range from the simple tent-like structures to folding large outdoor cat enclosures.

Yes, you can take a harness, leash or a cat stroller for keeping the cat safe but there’s going to be times when you want to allow them more freedom.

A portable enclosure or playpen will allow your cat to experience the adventure of the outdoor world without the risk of the many waiting perils.

If you’re like me, then every time your cat wanders off you’ll worry about the potential danger of busy roads, other predators, poisons or simply your cat getting lost…

Especially if in unfamiliar surroundings.

Let’s take a look at some of the best solutions for portable or stand-alone cat enclosures.

Portable Outdoor Cat Tent Enclosures and Playpens

? Portable playpens like the ToysOpoly Premium Pet Playpen, are very popular with many cat owners for their versatility and wallet-friendly price.

If you go take a look at the Amazon customer photos, you’ll see some parents using this for their babies!

A cool feature in the newest design is the zipper for both the roof and bottom…

This way, your cat can have access to the grass or cement! 

Yes, I said cement.

My cats love rubbing their bodies all over my cement patio.

So now I can let them do this without having to worry they’ll jet off…

Don’t worry, this thing is self-supporting and can be used on just about any surface including:

  • patios
  • larger balconies
  • dirt
  • sand
  • bark… etc. (although it does feature anchors for more support on the softer ground.)

And the playpen is one of the largest collapsible structures available, standing at 45 inches tall, large enough to get a few of their toys in like a cat tree or scratching posts.

What we really liked about this outdoor enclosure was how easily it popped up when taken from its carry case.

Of course, you’ll need to close it up.

Below is an instructional on how to close these things up:


Feel a drizzle outside?

That’s ok, these types of enclosures have a fairly durable, waterproof fabric to help keep your cat dry.

Have more than one kitty?

The octagon design has enough corners that can offer each one a little bit of security.

Want to cuddle with your cat and look at the stars?

The large zippered doors will let any human invaders spend a little snuggle time with your cats.

? If your planning on visiting somewhere that space isn’t a premium, a cat enclosure tunnel can be a great way of keeping your cat entertained.

Like the One For Pets cat enclosure that can either be used alone or connected to multiple similar tunnels for an even longer play area.

The larger space is, the more likely your cat’s going to use it and not try to escape.

With a waterproof polyester material the tunnel also provides roll down shades for privacy and UV protection. This could be an ideal temporary enclosure for keeping new kittens in with their mother or even for keeping a recovering cat in.

? A smaller alternative would be a pop-up dome tent-like structure.

The Outback Jack Cat House is similar to many of the dome tents you see at pop festivals.

A black mesh structure allows your cat to enjoy the world with a 360-degree view.

It’s very easy to put up but is much smaller than the other two options we have looked at so far.

This could be ideal for use in a hotel room or indoors when you don’t want your cat to be freely roaming around.

Although smaller there’s still enough room for your cat to move around freely without feeling too claustrophobic, it’s probably not recommended for multiple cats.

the cat house by nala and company dimensions
Image credit: Nala And Company

? One of the most innovative cat carrier/portable enclosures we have seen is the airline approved, soft double expandable crate from Mr. Peanuts.

This really is a luxury way to travel and perfect for those interstate journeys with it easily fitting under most plane seats.

At first glance, it looks like a normal travel crate but expanding the 2 sides will give your cat more room to move.

There’s also a nice little cat tunnel for them to chill in to feel secure.

With a reinforced steel frame and polyester exterior shell, you can be reassured your kitty is safely contained yet able to enjoy all the sights and experience of travel.

A removable fleece and collapsible water bowl are included to make the trip even more comfortable for your cat.

When you arrive at your destination, simply pop the sides down for a portable enclosure for the weekend 🙂

Maybe now I’ll finally get to take my luckiest cat, Tiger, to Vegas to see how lucky he really is!

And you know what?

? Portable cat enclosures aren’t just about travel… live in a high rise apartment?

For many of you, you’ll simply want one for moving around in and around your own home or apartment.

If you have an apartment with a balcony, you might think, “it’d be nice if my cat could me?”

I mean, sure, cats aren’t generally afraid of heights and they’re supposed to “always” land on their feet, but you still don’t want them falling.

Now get this:

Another use for these things can be keeping you company while outside gardening… or indoors when you’re trying to clean the house or mop the floors.

You could also make use of a portable cat enclosure when your cat is recovering from an injury or surgery, mine never listen when I tell them to stop jumping.

Getting one of these is pretty obvious once you think about it.

The DIY Solution to Portable Cat Enclosures

There are many outdoor enclosures out there that you can adapt to be more portable.

Many of these enclosures have to fold down pillars, which can be quick to set up and take down at the end of your trip.

Kits that are portable can provide large outdoor cat enclosures for RV owners or maybe somebody who is renting rather than owning their home.

A useful resource if you intend to build your own outdoor cat enclosure is habitathaven.com.


Not only do they sell pre-assembled outdoor cat enclosures but they also sell a range of RV specialist portable enclosures and all the components you need to build your own.

A true outdoor cat enclosure DIY project would be to start from scratch.

You are only limited by your imagination.

There are many companies and websites that can offer you outdoor cat enclosure plans for your project.

One site just4cats.com is a good place to start with plenty of detailed drawings and advice on creating a safer outdoor haven for your cat.

Which Type Of Portable Cat Enclosure is Right For You?

If you still haven’t decided on the best enclosure for you, or more importantly for your cat, here are a few factors which may help with your decision:


If you are looking for the most cost-effective portable enclosure, then a tent or netted enclosure is going to be your best bet. Outdoor cat enclosure DIY kits or projects will often end up costing more than a simple tented solution.


If you have a larger backyard and the enclosure is mainly for home use why not choose a semi-permanent netted enclosure which can be taken down for moving occasionally? If it’s an enclosure you want to use both indoors and outdoors, then obviously you will need to choose something smaller.

How Portable?

Is it just for moving around the house or the occasional trip into the garden?

Or is for travel and camping?

If it’s going to be exposed to the outdoor adventure of camping trips ensure it offers protection from the weather–not just cold and wet, but UV rays too.

And finally, remember the whole reason for getting an outdoor enclosure is to allow kitty to experience the outdoors SAFELY.

You should never leave your cat alone in an outdoor cat enclosure, even if they don’t escape they are still prone to stress from the surrounding environment.

And anyway, wasn’t the other reason you bought a portable cat enclosure so you could spend more time with little kitty!

Here is a great list to peruse and to spark some ideas.

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